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About Me

I’m a counselling psychotherapist working full time in private practice. Before qualifying as a therapist, I worked in a commercial organisation for 12 years as a senior manager. As someone who enjoys working with people, this is where I gained an interest in effecting positive change in others. After realising that being in a corporate environment wasn’t fulfilling my needs, I began my counselling career in 2015.

My most recent qualification is a master’s degree in Advanced Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies. I have gained invaluable training from this course and genuinely enjoy putting the theory into practice.
I use an integrative approach with my clients, meaning I do not use a prescribed method. Instead I use different styles of therapy at different times, including CBT, CFT, person-centred, mindfulness and TA, to suit the client and what they’re presenting in that moment.

Aside from my private practice work, I also volunteer as a counsellor at a domestic abuse clinic which I find very rewarding. Helping clients untangle the complexities of a toxic relationship and supporting their personal growth is very rewarding to me. ‘Domestic abuse’ can seem like a big scary label, but if we examine ourselves we can all probably relate to the experience of feeling bullied, manipulated or taken advantage of at some point in our lives. I also have a keen interest in working with perpetrators of abuse; helping people create positive change is at the centre of my work.

My own experience of counselling was another motivator to change jobs. After years of knowing something wasn’t quite right, I eventually reached out for help, and it was the best decision I ever made. Therapy gave me newfound self-awareness, a tool that I use every day to manage myself and place me in a position of control. Self-discovery is very empowering, and I gain a lot of satisfaction from facilitating this change in others.


  • MSc Advanced Counselling and Psychotherapy (Distinction)
  • Professional Diploma (Therapeutic Counselling)
  • Level 3 Certificate (Counselling Skills)
  • Level 2 Certificate (Counselling Concepts)
  • Online and Telephone Counselling

  • Professional Development

  • Domestic Abuse, Coercion & Control
  • Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness
  • Expressive Therapies
  • Compassion Focused Therapy
  • Attachment Styles
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

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